Outdoor Sauna Kits

5 Best Outdoor Sauna Kits

Saunas are a standard feature in most gyms, health resorts, and spas.  They are a great way to relieve stress and offer many benefits to your health.  Consumers can now purchase affordable outdoor sauna kits that are well-built, affordable and packed with features.

Outdoor sauna kits are very compact and can be setup in most back yards, enabling you to enjoy a relaxing sauna at any time! To give you some insight into outdoor saunas, this article will offer some advice for choosing an outdoor sauna.  Finally, we will take a look at 5 of the best outdoor sauna kits on the market!

Here are some simple tips to help you purchase the right outdoor sauna for your home.


Check local regulations

Before buying an outdoor sauna, it is important to check that you are allowed to have one!  Home owner’s associations may have limitations on the kinds of structures that you are allowed to have outside your home.  You might be limited to structures of a certain size or location within your yard.  If the structure is going to be permanent, there may also be state and local building codes that you must adhere to.

Carefully measure the available space for your sauna

Outdoor saunas come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  You should measure the available space in your yard to determine which type of outdoor sauna to purchase.  While you may be tempted to purchase a very large sauna so your friends can enjoy it with you, be careful about how much space it takes up in your yard.

Will there still be room for outdoor entertaining after you install the sauna?  Will the placement obstruct your view or make it difficult to navigate your yard?  Check multiple locations until you find the perfect spot in your yard.

Think about how you will use your sauna

If you plan on entertaining friends in your outdoor sauna, consider purchasing a model that  can accommodate 5 or 6 people.  You may also wish to purchase a sauna with an entertainment system, so you listen to music while you relax with friends.  If the sauna is for your personal use only, consider a dual occupancy sauna with the specific features you require.

If you live in a colder climate, consider purchasing an outdoor sauna that can have a changing room attached to it.  If you are only going to be living in the home for a short period, purchase an outdoor sauna kit that can be disassembled easily.  This will allow you to take the sauna with you to your new home!

Decide on a heat source for your sauna

Traditionally, saunas were heated via a wood stove and hot rocks. There are now a number of heating options available for saunas, all of which have different advantages.  The most common sources of heating for a sauna include:

  • Natural Gas or Propane Sauna Heaters
    This type of sauna burns natural gas to generate heat.  If you already use natural gas at your home, this heating method is a great choice.  Natural gas saunas require ay least one exterior wall for venting.
  • Electric Sauna Heaters
    This is one of the cheaper options for heating a sauna.  If the price of electricity is reasonable where you live, they are a great option.
  • Infrared Sauna Heaters
    This is a more modern approach to generating heat in a sauna.  Instead of heating the ambient air in the sauna, infrared lights are used to heat the sauna’s occupants.  Infrared saunas are usually more expensive than wood, gas or electric saunas, but they are more energy efficient.

Consider the infrastructure you already have in place at your home before deciding on a heat source for your sauna.

Check the features and control options of different saunas

Outdoor saunas have become much more technologically advanced in recent years.  You can now purchase models with advance timers, different energy efficiency settings, remote controls, and saveable presets for user preferences.  Some saunas feature advanced lighting systems, aromatherapy systems, and entertainment systems.  When comparing outdoor sauna kits, think about which of these features you really need and which ones are optional.

Purchase a sauna that matches the design aesthetic of your yard

Outdoor sauna kits are available in many different eye-catching designs.  They range from saunas designed to look like small homes through to more modern barrel designs.  The overall design and type of timber used can greatly impact the look of your outdoor space.  Choose something that blends well with other design choices that you have made.

Here are 5 of the best outdoor sauna kits on the market

They range from budget entry-level models through to luxurious 6-person saunas.  All are well made and highly durable.

BZB Cabin and Outdoors Oval Sauna Kit (W2) — 8 Person Outdoor Sauna With Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater

Manufacturer: BZB Cabin and OutdoorsLarge Sauna

Capacity: 8 people

Heater: Electric or wood burner

Key features: 2-level steam room, Covered porch, Changing Room, Wood door upgrade

BZB Cabin and Outdoors have an excellent reputation for making high-quality and affordable outdoor sauna kits.  Their outdoors Oval sauna kits are made from quality components, have an attractive designs and come with some excellent features.

Their W2 model is a large 8-person Oval sauna with a 2-level steam room, changing room and covered porch.  The kit comes with all of the components you need to set up your own outdoor sauna including seating, doors, windows and an electric or wood-fired heating system.

This new oval shape design gives you more space and headroom; featuring 2-level steam room seating. More people can enjoy the sauna and each other’s company at the same time. The Oval Sauna Model W2 will easily seat 6-7 adults; 6’2″ and 6’7″ bench length allows you to comfortably lie down and enjoy the many health benefits of your sauna.

Additionally the oval shape sauna offers temperature levels for everyone’s comfort – choose the second level seating for higher temperature or lower level seating for lower temperature. Assembling the sauna is simple and takes two people approximately 1 or 2 days. BZB Cabin and Outdoors also offer an assembly service.

This sauna is primarily built from slow-grown Nordic spruce.  The front and rear walls are 1-5/8″ thick and the sauna uses 3 heavy duty support cradles with 3 large steel bands to remain rigid.

The wood burning heater is a HarviaM3 with a stainless steel Schiedeli Chimney. This is an excellent combination that can easily heat the large space within this sauna. The  steam room is 6’2″ x 6’7″ and the Changing Room Sauna Bench Dimensions:6’2″ and 6’7″, L-Shape Seating Outside Dimensions: 13’2″ Wide x 7’11” Deep x 6’11”

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Almost Heaven Saunas – Quality Indoor/Outdoor Sauna Kit – Therapeutic Steam Spa (Audra 4-Person Barrel Sauna, Rustic Cedar

Manufacturer: Almost Heaven SaunasAlmost Heaven Saunas

Capacity: 4 people

Heater: Electric heater or water-over-rocks steam heater

Key features: Tempered glass door, stainless steel hardware, comfortable wide bench, bucket, ladle, thermometer/hygrometer

This 4-person Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna brings the exciting benefits of traditional sauna bathing right to your home. It is a high-quality sauna with a compact size, making it ideal for smaller yards and is an affordable option for consumers on a budget. 

The barrel design is aesthetically pleasing and the front wall section is set back to enhance the look of the sauna with a functional and decorative porch. The design also encourages warm air to circulate efficiently within the sauna.  The small size of this sauna allows people to incorporate it into their yard while maintaining space for other amenities like a pool and outdoor seating.

Because this sauna is so compact, it reaches high temperatures in a short amount of time. The Audra is capable of hitting 150°F in about thirty minutes and 190-195°F in less than an hour. This makes it ideal for busy people who want to have a quick sauna before or after work.

The interior of the sauna features soft interior LED lighting, opposite-facing benches that allow bathers to enjoy good conversation, and a sturdy heater fence made from aromatic Western red cedar all promote the authentically relaxing experience that is traditional sauna bathing. It has a stylish glass door, allowing occupants to enjoy the view while they relax.  All fasteners, hardware and accents are made from high-quality stainless steel.

The sauna comes with a number of accessories including a 1 gallon bucket, ladle and thermometer/hydrometer.  It also includes an electric heater with a heater guard, built in vents with louvered cover.  The sauna can be installed inside or outside.

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Barrel Sauna Kit BZBCabins.com W29, 4 Person Outdoor Sauna With Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater

3Manufacturer: BZB Cabin and Outdoors

Capacity: 4 people

Heater: Electric or wood burner

Key features: Changing room, covered porch, wood door upgrade

This is another fantastic outdoor sauna kit from BZB Cabins and Outdoors.  The W29 is a large 4-person sauna that has external dimensions of 9’6″ Long x 6’7″ Wide x 7’1″ High.  This outdoor sauna kit comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy an invigorating sauna in your own home — seats, a high-quality heating system, fixtures, doors and windows.

This sauna is similar in design to the BZB Cabins W44 6-person sauna — without the changing room.  It retains the same covered porch as the W44, which allows occupants to relax outside before or after their sauna.  At 6’5″ x 6’7″ , the steam room is huge and can easily accommodate between 4 to 6 people.  The internal benches measure

2x 6’7″, which gives occupants plenty of room to sit or lay down.

Like the other BZB Cabins saunas, the cylindrical design of the W29 is very attractive and gives it a modern appearance.  It would look great in any kind of back yard — from the modern through to the classical.

The W29 comes with all of the components you need to set it up.  Doors, support cradles, seats, nails, screws, fixtures, handles, and floor materials are all included.  It comes with a high-quality Harvia M3 wood-fired sauna heater or an electric heater.  This is a great choice for people who want to enjoy a sauna with friends or family.

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4 Person Outdoor Sauna Hemlock Wood 220v Ceramic FIR FAR Infrared Heaters

4Manufacturer: Decorate with Daria Inc

Capacity: 4 people

Heater: Infrared heater

Key features: Classic appearance, shingled roof, entertainment system, reading lights

This is a well-built sauna in a classic style.  It is designed in a hexagon shape with a large front door, windows, and waterproof shingled roof.  The windows feature weather-sealed, tempered glass which will stand up to years of weather exposure.

The sauna is heated by 6 extra large ceramic infrared heaters.  These infrared heaters can directly apply heat to the skin of the occupants.  This approach is far more energy efficient and will reduce the cost of running the sauna.  This heating system brings the sauna up to a very comfortable operating temperature of between 110F to 140F.  Four of the heaters are located on the back walls with the remaining 2 located under the benches

This sauna is absolutely packed with features!  They include a large digital control panel with timer, CD player, radio, an ionizer with ozone generator, and 4 LED reading lights.  It is easy to set up and designed to make disassembly simple — ideal for people who know they will be moving the sauna in the future.

Highly-quality materials have been used in the construction of this sauna including waterproofed Canadian Hemlock with a tongue and groove design.  It is a completely non-toxic structure using natural finishes.

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4 Person Outdoor Sauna Weather Resistant Hemlock Wood, Ceramic FIR FAR Infrared Heaters

5Manufacturer: BZB Cabin and Outdoors

Capacity: 4 people

Heater: FAR Infrared heater

Key features: Covered porch, wood door upgrade, Shingle roof, digital control panel mp3/ipod/iphone

The BZB W26 Barrel Sauna features the same barrel design as the W29 and W44.  The primary difference is that this model is more compact, with a steam room that has a diameter of 6′ 6” and length of 5’7”.  This more compact size makes it ideal for yards with space constraints.  Despite being a smaller model, it still retains the useful terrace with seating for 2 people.

It features the same solid construction as the other BZB Cabin saunas with 1-5/8″ Nordic spruce and solid stainless steel components.  The fully finished interior features 2x 5’7″ benches.  This sauna uses the same high-quality Harvia M3 heater and Schiedeli Chimney as the more expensive models.

Construction is simple and can be performed 2 adults in the space of a day.  The outside dimensions of this sauna are 8’6″ Long x 6’7″ Wide x 7’1″ High.  The build quality is outstanding, making this sauna highly durable.  It is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a quality sauna on a budget.

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There you have it, 5 outdoor sauna kits.

If you want further information about how to pick the best outdoor sauna for your home and tips for sauna safety read through our article Tips for Sauna Safety.

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