Electric Sauna Heater

4 Best Electric Sauna Heaters

Making the right choice when buying a new sauna heater is a critical thing. You may wonder whether you should use an electric, wood, gas, or infrared heater. They all have their pros and cons, but electric is the most popular and that is for good reason. They are the most convenient and easy to use sauna heaters on the market today, which makes them a great investment for anyone who enjoys time in the sauna.

Electric heaters have a huge range of options and can be either free standing or wall mounted. Unlike wood heaters, these are less hassle. For one, no need to get wood hauled to your home. It is also hard to control the temperature with a wood heater, something that is painlessly easy with an electric. It can also be more expensive to use a gas or infrared heater. All in all, electric heaters are on top for a reason.

If you are looking to buy an electric sauna heater, we are here to help. We have compiled the four best on the market and looked at all their features. Come along on the journey to find the best of the bunch. Whether you need something small or large, specialty or tradition, we have you covered with an assortment that people rave about. Hopefully, the one this is right for you is right here waiting for you to purchase it!

Finlandia/Harvia Sauna Heater 8kw

Amazons ChoiceFinlandia Electric Sauna Heater

The first sauna heater that we bring to you is manufactured by a brand called Findlandia. They are pretty well known in the sauna heater industry. This heater is their eight-kilowatt version, which gives you a significant boost of power behind the heater. It is going to blow anything less powerful out of the water. If you want a quick heat up and a pleasant temperature, this one is going to do the job. It is also going to look great doing it.

These heaters feature a stainless heating elements and a stainless interior for wet or dry usage and a control panel built into the base of the heater. This gives it a slim and sleek panel that will look great in your sauna room. The controls feature a 1-8 hour preset function allowing you to preset a future start time for your sauna session.

This heater gets up to decent temperatures quite quickly. Moreover it it will heat up a large room (up to 425 cubic meters). and is very safe to use.

This sauna heater is made to comply with both US and Canada safety codes, which should be a sigh of relief if you are worried about things like that. We want you to be safe, and so does Findlandia.


  • Digital temperature sensor looks great and works better than traditional
  • High kilowatt allows for higher temperatures and more quickly
  • Stainless steel heating for wet or dry use
  • 1-8 hour preset timer available
  • Stones come with the heaterBest Electric Sauna Heater


  • May be too powerful for a small room

TURKU TUM20A 2KW Sauna Heater

2The second of four best electric sauna heaters comes to us from the company TURKU. This heater is a wet and dry version, meaning you can add water to sauna rocks if you like. There is direct contact with the rocks and the heating element which means you are going to get a great room of steam from this product. Moreover, no worrying about some drawn out installation process, it goes in like a dream, and you can be enjoying the heat within an hour after delivery. Can’t beat that!

Unlike the first heater, this one is a miniature version. It weighs quite a bit less than Nature and is only puts out two kilowatts of power. While this may make it too small for someone trying to fill a huge room, it is perfect for someone using a smaller space as a sauna room. A room of 45 to 90 cubic feet is suggested. While that may turn some off, those of you who have smaller spaces might find this to be just the thing for you.

The look of this one is pretty nice. It is silver with knobs and buttons. It does not have a digital readout, but that is not a big problem. You can still manage time and temperature just fine without one. It is a sleek conventional design that won’t be an eye catcher, but it will do the job just fine. Because of the built-in controls, all wiring is contained and easy to avoid. This makes it look even cleaner than some of the competition.


  • Wonderful for small spaces and tight rooms
  • Easy to install, can do so alone without much troublebest sauna heater
  • Preset times from one to eight hours allows you to choose what’s right for you
  • Easy to use controls on the actual device are convenient


  • Not useful for a large room as it is a micro unit

Vico Ultra Sauna Electric Heater

Good electric sauna heaterMoving right along, we come to the Vico Ultra Sauna Electric Heater. This one is comparable to the first heater we featured in that it has nine kilowatts of power. That corresponds to heating a room anywhere from about 84 to 210 cubic feet. That gives you much range to work with. Unless you are heating a tiny space for sauna use, the Vico will handle whatever room you need it to. It even comes with a one-hour timer if you like just to set the sauna and forget it.

Unlike the other heaters we showcase, this one does come with sauna stones. There’s no need to worry about purchasing those separately or doing without. Anyone who is planning to use their heater as a wet sauna will be glad to have them at no extra charge. These rocks rest on the top of the heater and get a great temperature going through them. Also, there is no way for water to seep into the actual electrical parts of the system, so there is no risk of needing a repair from something such as that.

This sauna is tough and can stand up to a lot. The stainless steel is premium quality and is the same sort used in jet engines. You really cannot beat that. This prevents corrosion, rush, and burn-through from the high temperature of the heater. It is very durable and will last you a substantial amount of time. It does come at a higher price point but when you look at everything you get – it is well worth the money that is being asked for.


  • Comes with set of sauna rocks so no extra charge for those
  • Perfect for even a larger room if you prefer thatbest sauna heater
  • Heat elements made from high-tech jet engine stainless steel


  • Too powerful if you are using a small room, might not be what you need

VEVOR 9kw Dry Steam Sauna Heater

dry steam SaunaOur final electric sauna heater is from Vevor. This heater is made from High Quality aluminum alloy shell (rust proof and durable) and has a stainless steel heating coil for fast and efficient heating.

This sauna is powerful and gives out a lot of heat reaching a maximum temperature of 194F by putting out 9kw of power. Its suitable for both home and commercial use and works best in medium to large sized spaces (between 317 – 459 cubic feet).

This one has a lightweight structure and comes with a wall mount system and it requires a qualified electrician to set it up.  It comes with a built-in controller like the other heaters we have looked at. However, unlike the other heaters, this one is just knobs rather that a digital system. It is still easy to use and has an understated design that many will like. You can easily adjust temperature and time, and enjoy a cozy & comfortable sauna experience.

It features a space for sauna rocks on top as well which many will enjoy, but the sauna stones aren’t included.


  • Can be installed anywhere with wall mount bracket system
  • Heats up quickly to a comfortable temperature for most
  • Excellent aluminum shell and stainless steel heating coil
  • Can get other Saunas of the same make with lower wattage

Cons:Best Electric Sauna Heater

  • Sauna stones not included
  • Needs a qualified electrician to install
  • Dry Sauna only