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Tips for Sauna Safety

Tips For Sauna Safety Saunas are completely safe when used appropriately.  However, when used incorrectly, they may cause dehydration or a burn injury.  Here are some simple safety tips to help you safely use your sauna: Don’t stay in the sauna for too long Most health professionals suggests that people […]

What is a FAR Infrared Sauna

The health benefits associated with sauna use have been known for thousands of years.  The ancient Greeks and Romans used saunas to improve their vigor, relieve stress and socialize with one another.  Other benefits obtained by regularly using a sauna include improved circulation, weight loss, and detoxification. Having a sauna […]

Sauna Suit Benefits

Benefits of Sauna Suits Sauna suits are workout gear designed to help the person drop weight quickly. The whole concept is to hold the heat inside, so that the body loses water weight. Holding the heat inside, it increases perspiration which causes a loss in water weight. Certain athletes use these […]