At Home Sauna Kits

Saunas are a great way to relieve stress and improve your health which is why these days they are a standard feature in most gyms, hotels and health resorts. But why should you have to go away to get the health benefits and relaxation from using a sauna.

So why not get a sauna for your home so that you can experience this everyday whenever you feel like it. Whether your looking for a large outdoor sauna for multiple people, a smaller cosy one for just yourself and maybe a friend or a small portable one to have in your home and that can travel with you.

We’ve compiled reviews on all of the best saunas for home use for you to compare so that you can find the best one for you.


Outdoor Sauna Kits

Outdoor Sauna kits can range from large luxurious 6-person saunas to smaller budget entry-level models. Though all are well made, highly durable and very compact able to be setup in most backyards.

best outdoor sauna Our Top Outdoor Sauna

Manufacturer: BZB Cabin and Outdoors

Capacity: 4 people

Heater: FAR Infrared heater

Key features: Covered porch, wood door upgrade, Shingle roof, digital control panel mp3/iPod/iPhone

Easy to build can be done by 2 adults in the space of a day. The quality is outstanding, making this sauna highly durable.  It is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a quality sauna on a budget.

best outdoor sauna




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Best Portable Infrared Saunas

Portable Infrared Saunas are extremely easy to use as they require no tools to put together and can be plugged into a standard household power outlet. They are easy to setup and take down and are small enough that they can be used in apartments and when you are finished using it all you can take it down and store it in a closet or under the bed.

100% Fir Infrared Portable Saunabest portable sauna

Highest rated sauna we review

This portable sauna has 2 FIR light generator heaters that will heat this nit up to a maximum of 160 degrees with no pre-heating and comes with a convenient control box.


  • Easy assembly
  • No pre-heating required in this unit
  • 100 percent fir infrared
  • Excellent ratingBest Portable Infrared Sauna
  • Carrying case makes it a snap to travel with
  • Higher quality chair


  • Highest priced on the list

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Infrared Saunas

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use infrared technology (infrared is the light produced by the sun) to heat the sauna to the desired temperature. These Infrared saunas that we have reviewed are sturdy wooden, high quality saunas at affordable prices that can fit into your home.

Radiant Sauna 2 Person Hemlock Best Infrared saunaDeluxe Infrared Sauna

Amazons Choice

This is a roomy comfortable sauna with plenty of space for 2 people. Created by Radiant Saunas it utilizes the latest infra technology and is made of solid Hemlock wood. This will give you a sturdy product that will not come apart after continued usage.

The controls for this sauna are on both the inside and outside, giving you convenience of use for both the heating and amenities. Which include MP3, a CD player, a radio, towel and magazine racks and chromotherapy lights.

Warranty: 5 years on the wooden structure, heating elements, and all electrical items. And 1 year warranty on the radio and sound system.


  • Contains both interior and exterior control panels and sound system
  • Includes towel hook, magazine rack, back rest and more
  • Easy to assemble with two people or morebest infrared sauna
  • Warms up to 120 degrees in only 15 minutes
  • Size is perfect for two people and utterly spacious for only one


  • Some have had minor issues with quality of various pieces during assembly

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FAR Infrared Saunas

You may be wondering what is a FAR Infrared Sauna and what makes it different from a traditional Sauna.

Well while traditional saunas use hot rocks or heaters to increase the temperature inside the room, an infrared sauna uses multiple infrared heaters. Each heater uses Infrared Light beams to transfer energy and heat to other objects in the sauna.

The light beams penetrate the body and cause its internal temperature to increase. That is different to a traditional sauna which uses heated air to heat the skin first, then eventually heat the body’s internal tissue.

So because the Infrared heats the body’s internal tissues first, infrared saunas achieve a deep heat faster and at a lower temperature.

DYNAMIC SAUNAS Venice 2-Person Far Infrared Saunabest infrared sauna

The Dynamic Saunas Venice is made from a highly durable and environmentally friendly Reforested Canadian Hemlock Wood. It uses a doubled paneled wall construction, using thicker, sturdier panels than other saunas in this price range.

Comfortably accommodating 2 people this sauna uses carbon emitters to heat up the sauna quickly and thoroughly and includes:

  • Interior & exterior soft touch control panel
  • MP3 Player with aux connection
  • Speakers
  • 6 Carbon emitters

best far infrared sauna


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For More information on FAR Infrared Saunas, the benefits of having one, differences between traditional saunas and FAR Infrared saunas and tips for buying the best sauna for you read our article What is a FAR Infrared Sauna’