About Us

WomenHello my name is Lily and i am a sauna enthusiast.

I started this site to help people find the best sauna kits for them and to help them lose weight, improve their life and have a relaxing time like i have.

My Story

A few years ago i was having a bit of trouble with my weight and i would try to eat healthier and go to the gym, but it never seemed to be quite enough. Then one day I’d had enough and decided to change gyms and join one doing classes and luckily my new gym had a pool and a sauna.

I’d never used a sauna before in my life and decided to try it out after a gym session, and I’m so glad i did. It was stiflingly hot, steamy and relaxing. After that i was hooked and came back to have a session in the sauna twice a week after work.

So now I’ve have spent a long time checking out different products, and talking to my friends from the gym who are also in the same position as me. Getting ideas of the best saunas, and effective sauna suits and vests that have really helped some of them to trim down.

Here I have found the best, easiest, and best value for money items which you can use to relax or help you train.

I hope that you can find answers to help you make informed decisions.